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PUSH Festival returns for its 7th year at HOME Manchester

By Steve Cooke

Great to see the return of PUSH Festival, THE biennial festival celebrating North West creative talent.

Since opening in 2015, PUSH Festival has marked an important moment in the creative arts calendar – a chance to celebrate inspiring artists from across the region.

This year the festival runs from Fri 20 Jan to Sat 18 Feb. Over four weeks, stages, screens, and spaces will be dedicated to showcasing and premiering fantastic works from around the region, as well as offering opportunities for creatives to meet industry professionals, share ideas and inspiration and develop their skills.

This year's festival includes newly commissioned works across a range of artforms, including theatre from Isabella Leung and Liam Rees, a new digital work by Anna West (Idontloveyouanymore), a solo exhibition featuring new work by Tara Collette, an online soap opera by Lowri Evans, and Artist Films from Katie Mason and Suzy Mangion, Martha Jurksaitis, and Steve Oliver, presented as part of the Spit That Out Film Programme.

As part of this year's festival, they are also presenting a range of programmed work, including performances by Box of Tricks, Ink and Curtains, Monkeywood Theatre, Mothers Who Make, Darren Pritchard, Ugly Bucket, Panoptical, Josh Coates, Amy Townsend-Lowcock, a live podcast recording from Scottee, and a sound installation by artist Jenny Gaskell.

PUSH Festival 2023 will also include a series of workshops and other artist development opportunities including playwriting workshops, producers' panel discussions, film making 101 sessions, clowning workshops, sound design workshops, writing for TV sessions and other practical events such as explaining tax returns for theatre makers. This year they are working with Wall to Wall, the production company behind the hit TV series Waterloo Road. They will be hosting a ‘Get into TV’ workshop as well as an ‘Open Set’ discussion about the roles available in TV in the Manchester region.

Running UNTIL Sat 18 Feb

Box Office 0161 200 1500

Restaurant 0161 212 3500

For general queries, email:

HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester M15 4FN

HOME has been awarded £3.9 million across three years and will remain in the Arts Council England National Portfolio for 2023 – 2026.

Remaining in the National Portfolio enables HOME to continue to play a vital role in the arts ecology and economy of Greater Manchester. In 2019 / 2020, HOME had an economic impact of £24.9million, including £1 million health and wellbeing cost savings to the NHS.

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