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You may have heard of Link4Life, have visited Touchstones Rochdale, or attended an event at Heywood Civic Centre and/or Middleton Arena what you now need to know is that Link4Life has a new name, YOUR TRUST.

You may be also unaware that Your Trust [Link4Life as was] is a charity. That means that everything earned is reinvested. It also means being driven by nothing other than helping the local community live healthier and more enriched lives.

Your Trust’s stated aim is ‘to inspire people to live healthier, happier, and creative lives through combining cultural and leisure services’.

Of special interest to readers of this column, under the banner of YOUR CULTURE there is a portfolio of cultural venues offering heritage and fine art exhibitions, local studies library, and live performance.

Your Culture also works in schools, community locations and with partners to deliver education, projects, festivals, and events which inspire, engage and support our borough’s diverse communities and make Rochdale an exciting, creative place to live, work and visit.

Venues include Arts & Heritage Resource Centre, Heywood Civic Centre, Middleton Arena and Touchstones Rochdale.

AATA and Your Culture share the belief that everyone has got a creative bone somewhere in them. We work to connect people with their creative sides as we know that it leads to more enriched and social lives; supporting wellbeing and developing individual and community resilience.

As we all tentatively re-engage with the world of creativity, art, culture, and heritage there could not be a better time to visit Touchstones Rochdale.

As previewed in this column the current exhibitions are:

Harmony, Contrast & Discord: John Beck and Matthew Cornford, until 3 July 2021 in Gallery Three, Four and Your Space

We Can Do It. War’s Other Voices in Gallery 1, until 18 September 2021

What’s Changed? In Gallery 2, until 3 January 2022

To be reviewed soon, From the Edge: Ebor Studio Members until 3 July 2021.


Natalie Sharp - ‘Touch me here’ a new work-in-progress exhibition.

Karen Lyons - 4 series of drawings.

Jack-Victor Westerdale - Community Garden at Ebor.

Rahela Khan - contemporary artwork which adheres to the tenets of the Islamic faith.

Maryanne Royle - ‘Plastic Grass’.

Angela Tait - Untitled (Work in Progress), 2021. Commercially produced plates, high firing pigment.

Sophie Cooper - a lathe cut 7-inch release that has two tracks, one on each side.

Cheryl Beswick - mixed media canvases.

Ivan Haywood – a press.

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