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World premiere at the Coliseum of We Should Definitely Have More Dancing

By Steve Cooke

Oldham Coliseum presents the world premiere of We Should Definitely Have More Dancing. Clara Darcy’s triumphant real-life story of the fist-sized tumour in her head, created with the award-winning writer and director behind The Greatest Play In The History Of The World, Ian Kershaw

We Should Definitely Have More Dancing is a remarkable, uplifting real-life story. The fit, mainly care-free, happily single actress is joyously dancing through life until her world is turned upside down thanks to the arrival of a tumour – slap-bang in the middle of her head.

Exploring the things that define us, that fill us up and make us who we are, this cautionary postcard from the edge of life is performed by the actress herself with friends.

Shamia Chalabi

multiple roles

Clara Darcy

as herself

Suzanna Hamilton

multiple roles

Performer and co-writer Clara Darcy said: “Although this is a show with a really serious subject matter that makes you confront quite dark, deep and difficult things about life and possibly even your own existence, more importantly it is a celebration of the brilliant nuances of being alive and actually what a gift it is to have a dance with death that brings you to that realisation.”

Friday 17 June – Saturday 2 July at Oldham Coliseum Theatre


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