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As Rochdale was buzzing about Dippy, Skylight Circus Arts staff asked their Spotlight Troupe what they’d like to do - climate change and extinction was most important to them.

“One day, Sue Hanson walked in shouting. ‘Guess what’s in my bag?’ Little did we know that the contents of the bag would lead to Skylight’s next big project. The bag contained a fossil, part of a woolly mammoth, discovered in Rochdale.”

“From January to March 2020 we worked hard on research and performance. Spotlight did a masterclass with Frantic assembly, we went to a paleontology talk, Touchstones, visited the world- famous diplodocus, planned fossil walks. The show had acro, trapeze, juggling, staff, tightwire, stilts and we created a soundtrack. Performers were working on acts themed on our research such as mother nature, the Rochdale scorpion and mammoths. It was a whirlwind! ‘Mammoth’ was ambitious, opening on On 2 April at Gracie Field Theatre then touring outdoors to the Feelgood Festival, Hollingworth Lake and Darnhill Festival. Then the world stopped.”

‘Our young people used so much imagination and creative energy on Mammoth. We hope this small film gives us an opportunity to share this beautiful work with people.”

Martine Bradford Creative Director.

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