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What we have to look forward to - a shout out to creatives

We in the creative community are finding the restrictions and uncertainties of these times of Covid-19 very daunting. However, I continue to be amazed at the amount of high-quality creative work being both produced and planned across the whole spectrum of the creative arts.

I endeavour to celebrate this work and introduce it to as many members of the wider public as possible through the twice-weekly AATA Column in the Rochdale Observer, quarterly in the Rochdale Style Magazine and on this website along with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

I am currently curating the column for Style Magazine’s November issue.

The theme is ‘What we have to look forward to’. An attempt to bring some hope and anticipation of better times over the Xmas holidays and into 2021 for readers.

I am looking for contributions from the creative community:

· Activities, events, performances virtual or actual that are planned or in the planning stage.

· Recommendations for people to watch, read, listen to or visit.

· Thoughts about what creatives are hoping for in the future.

Please email contributions, links etc to me at

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