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One of the fundamental aims of All Across the Arts [AATA] is to contribute to strengthening individual and community resilience to life’s challenges through engagement with the arts. Challenges that are being heightened by the current pandemic, especially through such as self-isolation and social distancing. I believe that the arts can be a vital positive contributor to improving mental health.

I intend to use All Across the Arts blog to publish articles, interviews, previews and reviews across the whole spectrum of the creative arts.

The blog will endeavour to stimulate engagement with the arts that is accessible from within the home.

The writers in the AATA family are providing copy that recommends what can be accessed from home such as reading, listening and viewing, both locally and globally.

The writers in the AATA family also are providing their own pieces, such as poems and articles with links to further online reading and to online open mics, workshops etc.

The wider arts community are being invited and encouraged to share bios and background to their creativity with links to websites, YouTube etc. alongside their own recommendations and accounts of what they are doing during the pandemic.

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