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Touchstones wants to know ‘What’s Important to you?’


he team at Touchstones Rochdale are planning their next collections show that they are hoping to open in Feb 2021 and want to know ‘What’s Important to you?’

Mark Doyle, Link4Life Joint Head of Culture explains, ‘Essentially, we want the local community to suggest the themes that will inform the artwork, museum objects and local history material we select for an exhibition focusing on the impact of the pandemic and how it has changed what we value – hopefully in a positive way.’

As many of us are all too aware, the uncertainty of Covid-19 has forced us to re-evaluate what we value the most, what really matters, what lifts our spirits and gives us hope for the future. The restrictions that have affected us all have generated a lot more time to think and perhaps try new things.

Touchstones want to know what’s important to you now. Your responses will inform the themes for the exhibition in the New Year drawing on objects, artwork, and archival material from the Borough’s collections.

I encourage as many people who live or work in Rochdale as possible to get involved by following the link below to share your thoughts and even upload a digital image that best illustrates what you’ve written.

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