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The creative community continues to respond.

A poem in response by Ray Stearn



All my fears bubble up

An enormous Irish Stew on the stove of anxiety

The holly bush pops into my mind like a potato surfacing through the broth

Will its roots grow through the foundations?

Then the wind increases, the potato holly dives

Slates take its place, quorn pieces in this veggie stew

Will they still be on the roof come morning

Another bubble from the stove

Carrots surface as the front door in my mind

Is it rotten or can I repaint it?

Bubble bubble stew and trouble

Is that new chair showing signs of woodworm

Say the turnips in my mind stew


There’s a virus to worry me too

Corona covid,

So good they named it twice

Take my advice

Don’t think twice

Or hoard rice

Be nice

Be very very nice

Or your swede I will dice

Irish Stew in the name of the law’

Ray Stearn is an enthusiastic ‘Allotmenteer’ and Story-Teller at Can O' Worms Storytelling. He is also Chair of Touchstones Creative Writing Group. Ray is a former Librarian at Rochdale Library Service.

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