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Steampunk comes to Castleton

By Eileen Earnshaw

There was quite a surprise in store for the Castleton Literary and Scientific Society at the last presentation of their current series of meetings. The group have, for the last several years, invited the performance branch of Touchstones Writing Group to produce an entertainment for the occasion. Over the years, the group have produced work following the years of World War 1, fell in love on Valentine’s Day and done without the group for the two years of lockdown. This year however they were back, and this year’s inspiration was Steampunk, a subject inspired by writer Ray Stearn. Steampunk is a movement in which devotee’s dress in Victorian fashion embellished by cog wheels, goggles, velvets, pocket watches and other industrial paraphernalia. In short, a great opportunity for dressing up.

The format of the show was a journey through the ages from Roman times right into the future, players producing vignette’s that brought Henry 111V. The last Ice Fair held on the River Thames, the glamour of the 1920’s and the robots of the future. The writers were Ray Stearn, Eileen Earnshaw, Glenis Meeks, Denise Greenall, Val Chapman and Julie Woodrup. Additional readings were given by Christine Stearn.

Pulling Threads is the performance branch of the Touchstones Writing Group. It was formed initially to present writings that appertained to WW1. Due to the enthusiasm for performance, the group has continued to write and perform, even though lockdown, as it did for many of us, created a void in our lives that we are all currently trying to fill. The writing group meet monthly at the Touchstones Museum, The Esplanade, Rochdale on the first Thursday of every month 2pm to 4pm and writers of all genres are welcome.

The group have a policy of inviting facilitators from all genre’s to present workshops on their behalf. These include Jenny Bailey, and James Nash and Seamus Kelly, all experienced renowned writers and facilitators. This creates a diversity within the group that leads to a wide and knowledgeable presentation of genre’.

Mrs Val Chapman, secretary of the group commented that creative writing is a great way of allowing people to overcome difficulties and problems in everyday life, allowing people to express their feelings through writing. There is a very welcoming ambience to the group meetings that is also a social event.

For further information contact Val Chapman on valchapman.114.binternet .com.

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