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It is always a source of great pleasure to be able to shine a light on our wonderful creatives. On such is l singer songwriter Cameron James Miller.

Cameron tells me that he started out singing at around the age of 12 and by the time he was 15/16 had started to write his own lyrics. ‘

‘I just never stopped since. I feel like I’m in a mental temple when I’m in the zone of writing or in progress of writing something new.’

What an illuminating description of the creative state! ‘In a mental temple’.

Cameron’s music needs no categorisation it just needs listening to in recorded form and especially live.

I wondered what music Cameron himself listens to and what he feels influences his songwriting and performing.

‘It’s a very difficult question for me too answer. Throughout my life I have always listened to music in phases. But I have always loved indie rock sound. So, from the beginning. I was really into heavy rock music like iron maiden and Metallica. Then I started meeting new people and learnt new tastes. Like grime and rap artists. But I’d say the bands that are my biggest influences through my past recent years would be the Arctic monkeys, The Courteeners, The kooks and so on. I love the vibe of the music and I love the lyrics they can tell stories rather than just talking about money and girls all the time.’

Cameron is no wannabe celebrity but a genuine artist who is driven by the desire to create and share music.

Being a musician isn’t all about music, I am an apprentice fabricator welder because it’s always better to have two paths to choose from. I also really enjoy this job. My hopes/plans would be to keep busy with the music and get gigs and make people’s night. I would like a band as it would manifest the vibe I have at the moment, a true heartful sound with technical drums and funky bass lines.’

Hopefully we shall hear a lot more from this young talent.

‘I go busking often in Manchester and that goes really-well maybe you will see me some time, don’t be hesitant on saying hello.’

I can highly recommend having a listen to him on the links below.

Instagram- cameronjamesmusic

Facebook- cameronjamesmusican

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