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By Katie Haigh

Sign Along with us a local group created by Jade Kilduff wowed the nation when they took the stage at Britain’s Got Talent Judges Auditions with their performance of The Greatest Showman’s ‘This is me’. The group joined forces with Rochdale Music Service Choir to create one big performance of signing in BSL/SSL (which basically means British sign language, signed in the word order of the song) and singing.

They blew the judges away especially David Walliams who gave them the golden buzzer.

Jade, age 19, set up the group to help her adopted brother Christian to communicate. Christian was born asleep and brought back to life, but he had HIE, a brain injury and cerebral palsy.

The group made up of friends, family and community members joined together to spread Jade’s message of inclusion. Jade’s dream is to get sign language taught in schools and if she wins, she would want to buy disabled accessible holiday homes.

Now Sign Along With us are in the semi-finals on Saturday 19th September at 8.00 pm on ITV. But they need your help. You can download the bgt app and get 5 free votes, you can also download the app on six different devices. You can also vote via phone, watch out for the number on the show.

This is a local group of local people spreading a message of inclusion for all. Please show your support.

Being part of this means so much to so many:

Sam Harvey “We all count, and everyone is different, and different is good.”

Millie-Rose Hayes, age 9 “Signing has made me look at the world and others so differently, we are all different and that’s ok.”

Lucy Rawes Moran age 11 “I love being part of this group, it's been amazing, and everyone makes me feel loved.”

Rebecca Kennedy “It was beyond my wildest dreams that we got the GOLDEN BUZZER it was truly amazing.”

Rosie Murphy “I love helping people and learning sign language is being that bridge and breaking the barrier for verbal and non-verbal communicators.”

Rosie Murphy “Being a part of sign along with us has opened so many doors for me with friendships and opportunities, also learning about the variety of backgrounds there are in this what I now call my sign family. standing on that stage performing to the crowd losing myself into the signs and song felt amazing and when David hit the golden buzzer it just felt so surreal and constantly reliving that moment, it's not fully settled yet.”

Keiya Dale age 5 “It was the best day of my life.”

Keiya Dale, age 5 “I still can’t believe we got the Golden Buzzer it was the best day of my life.”

Tayla Dale, age 7 “It made me so happy and proud of myself.”

Tayla Dale, aged 7 “I just love being part of Sign Along With Us it’s so much fun learning sign language and I’m just so happy we got the Golden Buzzer.”

Scarlet, age 10 "It was the best day of my life when We got the Golden buzzer , Jade helps me to learn the signs so I can be like everyone else , sign along with me makes me feel good inside and makes me happy."

Lola Lyne age 8 "Jade is such an inspiration, I wish to be like her when i grow up helping and inspiring people”.

Joanne Astley “Inclusion is the beating heart of our group!”

Elleouise Hopley age 11. "I'm so proud of us all, I never want this feeling to end."

Rachel Cracknell “The BGT journey that I am on with a fantastic group of people who accept anybody in to theIR group is just a dream come true, being left out of many things in life because of illness or my wheelchair, when David hit the golden buzzer that really was a dream come true.”

Bella Ashton 8 “I am proud of myself for having the confidence to go out on the stage, I love being part of the group and love learning sign.”

Lisa Ashton “As a parent, I never fully understood some of the challenges that some of the group face on a daily basis and being part of the group has given me full grown respect to everyone learning sign and going out of their comfort zones, the line that got me was Reece’s mum saying about the decorations would over whelm him. So, to go out on that stage with all those people has just amazed me. I think everyone on the group is amazing.”

Taeya Gabbott age 9 "We are a family, this is us."

Taeya Gabbott, aged 9 "I felt really emotional and excited when we got the Golden Buzzer love Sign Along With Us."

Scarlet and Ruby Oliver-Walsh, age 12 and 10 “We are so glad that our choir got to be a part of the sign along with us choir. It's been really nice to meet such an amazing group of people and to be able to learn some signs along the way, we will definitely be keeping up with learning more.”

Scarlet Oliver-Walsh, age 12 "I normally love watching Britain’s got talent with my dad, it was so strange to watch myself on there this year! It doesn't seem real, I'm so glad we got to be a part of sign along with us!"

Ruby Oliver-Walsh, age 10 "I just loved it all! I have enjoyed learning to sign and loved being on Britain's got talent and getting the golden buzzer! And I can’t believe I got to high 5 ant and dec I love watching them on tv and never thought I'd meet them."

Maya Jannet Javed, age 9 “ Sign Along With Us taught me that My skin is like a colour in the rainbow which brings joy, happiness and love in the lives of others when others thought a rainbow should only have one colour!”

Maya Jannet Javed, “Can’t believe my favourite author aNd a celebrity has changed my life and the life of others. The golden buzzer is ours and will stay with me forever and will be my strength in helping me succeed in life.”

Emma Moody, age 17 - “I never expected to be part of such an amazing group, everyone is special in thIER own way and getting the golden buzzer just shows that when you bring a bunch of great people together you can make something magical, I don’t think I’ll ever quite believe that we got it but I should really start because everyone in this group deserves it.”

Reece Armstrong, age 23 “He has signed he was happy excited and scared but felt GOOD coz of his autism that is all i cud get out of him. Oh, then he signed make a song called JADE”

Reece Armstrong, age 23 “Getting the golden buzzer I was excited scared but felt good.”

Evie Mitchell, age 9 "We all celebrate our differences in our performance."

Autumn Gooding, age 8 “Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.”

Nicholas Unsworth, age 11 “Getting the golden buzzer was such a surreal experience and I loved every minute on the stage.”

Ella Chadwick “That big stage the audience and then the buzzer, wow it was all just magical.”

Finley Age 14 yrs, (Aspergers non emotional usually doesn't understand it) “I finally get that feeling I've seen on people's faces now. I think I'm excited mum. Best day of my life.”

Cherhys Sinton "It's a moment I will look back on for the rest of my life and will think This Is Me, I did this, I can do anything now."

Jane Armstrong “My memory is how good I felt inside and at that moment nothing was impossible.”

Hollie Barton, age 10 “Felt so excited on the stage, it was amazing, it was the best day ever. I love u David Walliams.”

Joanna Cochrane “Getting David’s golden buzzer was the most magical moment. I particularly loved the golden snow angels!”

Kay Barton “Can’t believe how amazing we all are as a group, just like family. This was a day I’ll never forget.”

Alice Mcnally "I loved being up on stage with such an inspirational group of people sharing our signing with the world."

Sadie Bottomley, age 8yrs "Just couldn't believe I was part of this."

Caitlin Feighery “ Waiting to go on stage for BGT was the most the most nerve wracking thing I have ever done but as soon as we went on stage all of the nerves seemed to melt away, and then David pressed the golden buzzer and the only emotion I felt was happiness... it's a day that I will never forget.”

Lauren Norbury, age 10 - "it's just so much fun and now the golden buzzer means everyone can know who we are and more people will want to learn sign language!"

Katie Haigh “ Being in Sign Along with us, means so much to me. Despite my disabilities they’ve always made me feel included. I have always wanted to be a dancer or performer but because of my disability and the fact I was very shy when I was younger, it couldn’t be. So being in the group has let me express that side of myself. I love the message Jade is spreading, inclusion is key. We are one big family, we really do care about one another and the golden buzzer was the cherry on top. It was a completely surreal moment I’ll never ever forget.”

Jack Barker-Gorse, age 5 "getting the golden buzzer was my best day ever."

Isabelle Barker-Gorse, age 10 "It felt amazing."

Maddison Barker-Gorse, age 11 "It felt unreal."

Millie Barker-Gorse, age 13 "It was exciting when David pressed his Golden Buzzer."

Grace Davies, age 8 – “Getting David’s golden buzzer was an unbelievable feeling! I love sign along with us and I want to help make a difference.”

Ashleigh Haigh “I feel like we are all a judgement free family, in many senses of the word, I feel honoured and welcomed by sign along with us and its really made my heart grow, I am ecstatic we got the golden buzzer and can’t wait to welcome people to our family, honestly I am honoured to be here thank-you.”

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