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Sculptor Angela Tait responds to the Pandemic

Angela Tait is a sculptor from Wardle, Rochdale, working primarily in clay. She is currently researching for a PhD in Ceramics with the University of Sunderland and lectures in Fine Art at the University of Salford.

She has started a daily clay diary as a response to the current unprecedented situation. It is Angela’s way of ‘giving routine to this strange and disconcerting way of living that will also provide a personal and social account of the events as they unfold’.

Her plan is to make a ceramic cup every day for as long as the situation lasts, and she is well. Angela uses the vessel as a universally understood object; ‘we can all relate to it and understand its place in aspects of our lives from the kitchen to the workplace and everywhere in between. These vessels take the form of coffee cups and each will be different. Every day some details will be embossed, drawn or embedded into the clay. These could be lists, poems, images or responses to the news and might be personal events or social commentary. Ultimately this will be a sculptural collection which is somewhere between journal and historic record’.


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