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Only Connect

Today’s Only Connect comes from arts columnist Steve Cooke who has selected our 2019 event with Val McDermid and Jeanette Winterson, in which they reflect on the ways in which crime fiction has developed over the last half century and how what we read shapes the people we are.

"Literature Matters: Breaking Ground, recorded six months before the world had heard of COVID-19, could not be more prescient. A must-listen for both readers and writers during these troubled times. In a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion we hear Val say 'when people lose trust in politicians, they need to find it elsewhere, writers have always found a way to tell the truth, address the difficult questions’, and Jeannette ‘the Thought Police cannot get into that space that is the dialogue between you and the book, what happens when one imagination meets another.’" Where I'm writing from...

Steve Cooke is an arts columnist in the print media and curator of "I am a firm believer in the efficacy of the creative arts in building individual and community resilience. In my own small way I endeavour to support RSL's mission to 'act as a voice for the value of literature, engage people in appreciating literature, and encourage and honour writers'. I am currently reading The Man in the Red Coat by Julian Barnes, have just finished Love, Nina by Nina Malone with next up Feel Free: Essays by Zadie Smith."

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