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ROBIN PARKER'S sixties Corona parody medley

60s Corona parody medley (With apologies to the artists) Sandy Shaw I think of all the city streets I used to walk along with you, But now the man from NHS says that’s one thing I must not do, Stuck in isolation; And he’s always broadcasting to remind me, Always broadcasting to remind me. Working out to music, Will I never be free? Whoa oh whoa. Tom Jones The old park looks the same, Looking through my window pane; But this time there’s no sign of children playing. For Corona’s causing isolation, Parks are closed across the nation, No chance to walk the Green, green, grass of home. Cliff Richard I’m not going on a summer holiday, No more travelling for a month or two; Not much laughter without summer holiday, Isolation for me and you, For a month or two. Sonny and Cher I hope this cough don’t last too long Wonder when my fever will be gone. Meanwhile I must stay at home Groceries delivered, must not roam......... C19 babe. The Kinks Thought that I would be ok, That it would infect other people not me. But it didn’t stay away, And I didn’t know how ill I might be. No, it didn’t stay away, And so in hospital is where I must be. No, it didn’t stay away, And so the NHS have had to treat me; It’s really got me, it’s really got me, It’s really got me, it’s really got me.... Buddy Holly/The Rolling Stones I’m gonna tell you how it’s gonna be, They’re gonna find a cure for me. It’s gonna come through any day, Then this virus will fade away; Then this virus will fade away. ©Robin Parker

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Valerie Chapman
Valerie Chapman
22. Apr. 2020

Excellent stuff, once again, Robin 🙋

Gefällt mir
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