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Ray Stearn’s Best Before Cake


1 packet of Crystallised Ginger Cookies; Best before July 2019

1 packet of Strawberry Cream Biscuits; Best before November 2019

1 packet of Lemon Shortbread; Best before August 2019

Handful of biscuits hidden from partner from tin on top of fridge

Remainder of a packet of mixed nuts; Best before January 2020

Remainder of currants left over from Christmas mincemeat; Best Before date obscured

1 slightly nibbled packet of cooking chocolate; Best before June 2018

Golden Syrup, still liquid so must be okay, yes?

Butter from fridge, wrapper with date on missing.


· Find yourself in a covid 19 lockdown situation

· Decide the kitchen cupboards need a bit of a tidy

· Amass a quantity of tins, packets, jars of Best Before veteran ingredients

· Decide they must not be wasted

· Melt butter over a low heat in suitably sized pan

· Add all other ingredients, stirring well

· Transfer to baking tray that fits into your fridge

· Cool in fridge

Serve when fully chilled to unsuspecting partner. They should ideally have a Best Before date of 1975, to have gathered immunity from Best Before dating systems.

This recipe is also ideal as a savoury dish, depending on what is in your cupboard, though I would advise against combining sweet and savoury ingredients together, particularly if it involves anchovies.

© Ray Stearn 26th April 2020

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