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On her Rainbows of Manchester and Beyond Facebook page Katie Haigh invited people of all ages to write rainbow acrostic poems for display in windows alongside their rainbows.

Adult category R. Rainbows in windows around the world. A. Applauding on Thursday's for our NHS heroes. I. Inside our homes we all stay to keep safe. N. Not knowing when the world will be a better place. B. Bringing us together as a world we must unite. O. Overcoming this virus is now everyone's fight. W. We can beat this together if we all get it right.

By Lynette Singh


R - Rainbows are all different colours

A - Across the world united

I - Indoors we stay to stay safe

N - Not wanting to get poorly

B - Beautiful displays in people's windows

O - Only going out when needed

W - Walking with family on a Rainbow Hunt

Izz, Age 10

R - Rainbows in people's windows for everyone to see

A - Anyone who sees a rainbow will feel happy

I - I love it when I see a rainbow

N - No one needs to be sad

B - Bright colours to brighten up people's days

O - Only go out when needed, stay home, help the NHS to protect lives

W - Walking with my family on the hunt for rainbows

Maddie, Age 11

Jack, age 6

Maddison Barker-Gorse, age 11

Isabelle Barker-Gorse, age 10

Jack Barker-Gorse, age 6

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