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Peyvand Sadeghian presents Dual دوگانه‎ (Dual do-ga-neh) at HOME Manchester

PREVIEW By Steve Cooke

Dual دوگانه‎ (Dual do-ga-neh) at HOME Manchester this October is created and performed by Peyvand Sadeghian interrogating her dual UK-Iranian nationality in this interactive, dark, and playful show about passports, protests, and prejudice.

Peyvand is British, Parisa is Iranian: one woman with two passports and two names. This bold, experimental solo performance explores what it is to be from two opposing states. Mixing dynamic video projections, music and interactivity, the dark and comic performance is based on creator and performer Peyvand Sadeghian’s experiences as a UK-Iran dual national.

Dual دوگانه is inspired by Peyvand’s first visit to Iran aged 10 to meet her father’s family. Peyvand and her father were held by the Iranian government. Unable to return to the UK, Peyvand doesn't understand why she can't go home and longs for a familiar world of baked beans and London buses.

The politics within Dual دوگانه‎ have come into sharp focus since its original iteration at Vault Festival. The performance was staged prior to the “Woman Life Freedom” movement, sparked by the death of Mahsa (Jina) Amini in September 2022. As Peyvand says: “Now the question isn’t just what would Parisa be doing there - but what should I be doing here?” Dual دوگانه aims to empower audiences to be advocates for their own causes and be allies for each other.

Dual دوگانه‎ has been developed by a team of multi-nationals including the Iranian diaspora. Some of whom, due to the nature of the work, have chosen to remain anonymous for fear of political repercussions if not for themselves, then their families in Iran.

Peyvand continues: “I got stuck there (in Iran). It was a very confusing time, and eventually I came home to West Ham, politically aware and had no one to talk to about it. It was one of the most formative experiences of my life. But this show is not a “Poor Peyvand” pity-party. I wanted to share the complex and contradictory feelings around the nationalities I hold - something that I have very little control over but has shaped my life considerably.”

“In trying to piece together this personal history, my father’s voice also features - but our memories are reshaped over time. So, I went down the route of “what if”. What if I, Peyvand, had lived out my life in Iran as Parisa?”

Peyvand works across stage and screen as an actor, has extensive experience as a collaborator working with other companies, and is an emerging artist leading on her own projects. With performance at the core, they’re evolving a multi-disciplinary practice encompassing text, movement, puppetry, stop motion animation, film, and digital technology. The child of an immigrant and refugee, London-born & bred, yet not born British, Peyvand sits at an intersection between colonised and coloniser. Their work is informed by real-world research, geopolitics, social theory and lived experience. Embracing an approach that is inquisitive, and responsive, she seeks to make work for a similarly curious audience. Believing in the communal act of theatre to root us in the present and offer the potential for exchange.

HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, M15 4FN

Wednesday 4 & Thursday 5 October 2023

7.45pm | £15

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