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Our sister organisation SIDETRACKS AND DETOURS with a cornucopia of great articles

Sidetracks and Detours have this week invited our readers to be brave and follow their art to listen to the music of Silke Eberhard and hear about her plans for her performance at the forthcoming Berlin Jazz Festival.

We have also asked, in review of his new album, whether the old Bob could become the new Dylan

We travelled from there back to the arts house scene in Manchester in the nineteen and seventies and wonder whether they could serve as a model for re-opening cinemas in these days of social distancing.

We also feature Barb Jungr, an internationally acclaimed song interpreter, and discovered a massive and impressive discography

Finally we reported on a few comments made by representatives of theatre management and production throughout the UK before the announcement of what the government describes as vital and generous funding. We can´t be sure, but perhaps that was a light at the end of the tunnel that might have been from something other than an on-coming train.

Next week we again have a full diary, and will musicians and masterchefs, railway workers and polite police officers. We will share a taste of world class food and wine, as we search for the soul of Portuguese music and learn some of the ways in which writers become creative. See you somewhere down the line.

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