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Wordsmith and stalwart of local writing groups Ray Stearn has issued his latest bulletin from over the border.

‘Lockdown has meant that each hour, day, month is pretty much the same. I’ve said before that Zoom has been the saviour of many of the local arts groups and highlighted the Creative Writing groups and ukulele groups that I’m involved with.

The Covid situation has seen these groups flourish online, so much so our Pigeon Pluckers online ukulele group is expanding every week.

There is a local craft group, Pleasant Pastimes, that meet on Zoom, they can still have a natter and pass on tips on how to do....but not meet physically of course.

Local Creative Writing groups have proved to be a lifeline to some and work well online.

Then, of course, there is the, now fortnightly, Folk n Poetry night at the (virtual) Baum.

All of these groups have realised the value of meeting on Zoom. To the point that I believe each group is considering carrying on with the Zoom facility in some form even after they can meet physically again. It’s been a learning curve for us all and not always a downwards slide.’

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