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previews, reviews, interviews, and recommendations with Steve Cooke


A snapshot of our family of readers over the past four weeks exemplifies the eclectic reach of AATA.

In the UK - Manchester, London, Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, Blackburn, Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Stockton, Cheshire West and Chester, Tyneside, Norwich, Leeds.

Further afield - Helsinki, Paris, Montpellier, Lyon, Munich, Hyderabad, Chicago, Boston, Madrid.

Working in such as – Creative Arts, Music, Software Development, Writing and Editing, IT Services and IT Consulting, Education Administration, Travel Arrangements, Education Administration Programs, Entertainment Providers, , Security and Investigations, Performing Arts, Advertising Services, Hospitals and Health Care, Business Consulting, Government Administration, Law Practice, Retail, Higher Education, Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage, Construction, Wellness and Fitness Services, Semiconductor Manufacturing.

An oasis of positivity supporting individual and community wellbeing.

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