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Octogenarian Tony Sheldon's insightful and uplifting poem 'A NEW TOMORROW'


By Tony Sheldon

My body says I’m eighty

But my mind says I’m not

Who are you kidding mate?

Because I haven’t lost the plot

When I look into the mirror

I don’t like what I see

I don’t recognise the stranger

Who is looking back at me

But nothing could be quite as strange

As the thoughts that drive my life

And I never fail to thank my luck

Supported by my wife

There are always things I need to do

To make the world as better place

And no pandemic crisis

Could be big enough to face

The enemies of world war two

Were easier to track

Than an unknown deadly virus

That creeps up from the back

Lockdown, Lockdown, Lockdown

Is all we seem to hear

And while safety must be paramount

The words themselves strike fear

And so we have to sit it out

With different shades of calm

And try to do the right things

To keep our families free from harm

Humour lightens up the dark

With smiles the biggest factor

Enhanced by silly stories

Which bring laughter after laughter

It may seem to last for ever

An ever which will never end

With trauma, sadness and loved ones lost

Not knowing how we will descend

But we will come out of the other side

As our live will slowly mend

It may seem just a bad dream

Or a Sci-Fi Film on screen

As we await the new tomorrow

And a new normality seen

Tony Sheldon is chairman of the club that runs Jazz on a Sunday. Like so many others, he came to Jazz during the Trad Boom, and was smitten from the moment he saw Chris Barber at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester. His wide-ranging musical tastes as well as Jazz include Country and Western, Folk and light classical. But for him music was never his only passion: he spent more than fifty years in football, playing, coaching, refereeing and in administration, being heavily involved with Salford City F. C., the co-founder and Vice-President of the international Cricket Memorabilia Society and also an avid theatre-goer. Tony underpins his valuable contributions to the worlds of creativity and sport with his experience of a lifetime in business administration and voluntary work. In 2007 he had a booklet of poems, songs and prose published. The pieces were written as a dedication to his wife and suitably named ‘To Life'.

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