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New steps for Little Amal this Manchester Day 19 JUNE

By Steve Cooke

Last November Rochdale town centre was completely packed out to welcome the astonishing Little Amal puppet, as she made her penultimate stop on an epic 8,000km journey.

People of all ages lined the streets and watched on in awe as the not-so-little Amal made her way towards the Rochdale Memorial Gardens from Cheetham Street, via Victoria Street and The Esplanade.

Amal is a three-and-a-half metre puppet in the image of a nine-year-old refugee girl, searching for her lost mother.

She was created as a public art project produced for Good Chance in association with Handspring Puppet Company - famous for creating the horse puppets in War Horse.

Amal initially set off from the Syrian border in Turkey in July 2021. Seven countries and more than 60 towns and cities later, the puppet found itself in the middle of Rochdale on a November afternoon.

On Sunday 19 June you can see her again as she walks in the iconic Manchester Day Parade before travelling across the UK, marking World Refugee Week.

You can plan your visit at the Manchester Day website and learn more about Amal's journey by following @walkwithamal on social media.


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