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If you haven’t visited Touchstones Rochdale post lockdown or if you have never been there, I highly recommend that you do as soon as possible.

There are currently three engaging, entertaining, and stimulating exhibitions: Grayson Perry – The Vanity of Small Differences, We Can Do It. War’s Other Voices and What’s Changed?

Acquiring the superb Grayson Perry tapestries is quite a coop for the gallery team and will be the last stop of their latest tour.

Not only are they visually stunning but also a fascinating representation of Grayson Perry’s insightful take on modern Britain.

The tapestries are presented alongside our own, Tim Bobbin’s Human Passions Delineated, echoing Hogarth’s Rake’s Progress, exploring life’s ups and downs.

In Grayson’s own words, ‘The tapestries tell the story of class mobility, for I think nothing has as strong an influence on our aesthetic taste as the social class in which we grow up, I focus on the emotional investment we make in the things we choose to live with, wear, eat, read or drive. Class and taste run deep in our character – we care. This emotional charge is what draws me to a subject.’

The Grayson Perry exhibition is on until 26 Sept – don’t miss it!

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