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M6 Youth Theatre Keep on Creating

Young people from Rochdale’s M6 Youth Theatre were unable to share live performances with their community this year. However, nobody wanted to let all of the hard work go to waste, so they got connected, met online and created four brand new digital productions.

The two 8 to 11s groups created music videos to accompany original songs from their shows and the two older groups turned their scripts into radio plays.

What’s Bugging You? is a fun music video about the things which bugs and creepy crawlies get up to when humans aren’t looking. The young people and their families filmed their own sections from home and created lots of colourful homemade costumes.

Planet B is an epic rock-opera style performance that explores climate change and what we can do to help our planet. The group had great fun putting their own spin on the video. Music and lyrics for both pieces were written by composer Ashley MA Walsh.

Two dramatic radio plays are also available to hear. The Game (created by the 12 to 14s group) explores the everyday pressures that young people face and Globe Tech: Your Future (from the 15-18s group) is a dark look at a possible version of the future.

Parent Nigel Goulding said:

“We really appreciate M6’s efforts in keeping our children focused and entertained during lockdown. The wellbeing of young people during this period has been a concern and they have done a brilliant job to address a part of this. It really has made a difference.”

Participatory Director Caroline Kennedy said:

“We’ve all had a great time producing new content and exploring creative ways to share stories during lockdown. Seeing our young people each week has kept us all connected, engaged and motivated during a difficult period.”

All of the productions can be accessed on the M6 Theatre website

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