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By Steve Cooke

During these troubling times we all need a good laugh to keep us sane. Jimmy Cricket is just the man to provide that tonic through his side-splitting but always endearingly 'clean' humour.

This year Jimmy is celebrating ’50 Golden Years’ with a series of theatre shows commencing at the Blackburn Empire on 16 Oct 2022.

From a working-class background to having his own TV and BBC Radio 2 Series Jimmy has given us a lot to celebrate.

His entirely clean humour is based on his unique take on 'Irish logic' with the much loved and always achingly funny letter from his Mammy, his trademark outfit of cut-off evening trousers, evening tailcoat, hat and wellington boots marked "L" and "R" for left and right but worn on the wrong feet and the catchphrase: "Ladies and gentlemen, [beat], come here [or c'mere]".

If you can, get along to the Empire Theatre in Blackburn on Sunday 16th October 2022 for a 2.30pm Show!


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