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Gigant by Kara Lyons at Ebor

By Steve Cooke

Sculptor, Kara Lyons’ Gigant previews at Ebor Studio Friday August 12th 6-8pm.

This is an exhibition of gigantic prints taken from a selection of Kara’s recent drawings. Rather than framed objects hung for display, the prints are pasted onto the gallery wall rendering them part of the fabric of the room. The physical presence of the viewer is thrown into play. The size of the image and the space that the viewer and the artwork inhabit become integral to the experience of encounter. The fleeting nature of the artworks provides an essence of temporality. Size space and time become a vital dynamic of parts. The word Gigant is derived from the Latin noun gigas and it’s adjective gigantem. Old English took its word for giant from the Latin adjective making gigant. It was used for several centuries. #drawing #manchesterartist #artiststudios #eborstudio #caldervalleyartist

Kara describes herself as a sculptor using the term to embrace the discipline in its widest sense incorporating installation and site-specific work, commissions: temporary and permanent, work in the public realm and performance. She exhibits regularly in galleries at home and abroad and is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.

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