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From your Foreign Correspondent, RAY STEARN

I ran out of steam during lockdown, after all, there are only so many ways to describe a Zoom meeting from your own front room, or perhaps you are all posh enough to have a lounge. Now that we are officially out of lockdown it is interesting to see how groups are recovering, or not.

Another Folk and Poetry Night At The Baum has changed location with The Baum developing its restaurant space in the upstairs room that was once a meeting room. Having found refuge in The Flying Horse it was only natural to rename the open mic. Evenings Pegasus. These sessions do seem to have recovered to attendance levels reached before lockdown.

A new Creative Writing Group was started in Falinge Park, courtesy of Vintage Worx. Already this seems well established and is planning its first collection of works for publication due to the partnership of Seamus Kelly.

Touchstones Creative Writing Group can report a steady comeback I think but Langley Writing Group has had ups and downs in its workshops so far. So a plea to all writers or would be writers, your local Writing Group needs you and will welcome you to the next workshop, or the one after that, or the one after that.

This side of the Pennines I have struggled to get people back to the Ukulele Group, Pigeon Pluckers, at The Three Pigeons pub but the two choirs I sing with have been pretty steady since we have been able to meet again. The irony is, during the good weather and when it was legal for us to do so, Pigeon Pluckers was very successful as we had a large garden we could meet in.

So watch this space, I haven’t heard of any groups disappearing altogether as yet but if there was a time to see what your local creative group is like, that time is now. Choirs, ukulele groups, writing groups all need new members or the return of established members now.

Ray Steam

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