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I’ve been contemplating lately, why it is, that even though, along with everybody else, except for food shopping, I’ve been stuck in the house and its near environs, the house itself. and my housekeeping skills have not improved. There are still unwashed pots and unpolished floors. I can also say, that I have not succumbed to baking bread, cakes, or even putting a casserole in the oven. Which, would be difficult as the oven is broken anyway.

Not that I’ve been totally idle, for instance, I’ve been watching Sue Devany’s terrific performance in Coronation Street. Sue as you know is our very own television star and does much for the community. As a writer, I’ve got say hers a great story line treated really well. . I haven’t watched the soaps for years but this has tempted me back into the fold of soap fans.

The other things I’ve been doing, is joining in with some of the writing workshops that are, thanks to some community dedicated folk, currently in place. Among them, is the monthly offering from Touchstone’s Writing Group which is facilitated by the very talented Ray Stearn who is also the chairman of Touchstones. So where are you, all you pre-lock down writer’s? The amazing Katie Haigh and Robin Parker are still facilitating Langley Writers every month, so get your pens out of the cupboard.

City of Sanctuaries workshop facilitated by Eileen Earnshaw, is still going strong every Wednesday morning 10 am to 12 noon. There has been some great work done by the group over the lockdown, the publication of which, is currently ‘in production’ as they say, so look out for what will be some very special offers on their poetry and prose booklet entitled ‘Am I on Mute?’ soon to be released.

Have you, by any chance, logged into the fortnightly Bards at the Baum? Hosted by Robin Parker and Eileen Earnshaw, the Zoom organising bit, is done by John Pye who is also one of our readers and musicians. I for one, am very grateful for his expertise. There’s some great writers and musicians that perform, including Robin Parker, Dave McKeon, Glenis Meeks, Ray Stearn, Alyson Brailsford, Glenys Halliday and many more. Just one note. You don’t have to perform if you don’t want. The audience is just as important. The contact details for all these groups are,

For Langley Writers, Katiehaigh@Sky .com.

For City of Sanctuary,

For Touchstones Group

For Bards at the Baum

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