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Readers of the AATA Column in the Rochdale Observer, Heywood Advertiser and Middleton Guardian will remember the report on the Queens of Blackpool Project recently in progress in Bolton the aims and objectives being to examine the value of creative activity on the well-being of women.

The project was jointly delivered by Bolton at Home and the University of Bolton. Members of the project examined the records of the Mass Observation Project carried out in Bolton during the years of 1937-1940 concentrating particularly on the leisure activities of the period including Wakes Weeks Holidays in Blackpool, pub life, and the sometimes questionable behaviour of some people under the pier after midnight.

Although the project itself was completed, subsequent plans of an exhibition of the work in Bolton Central Library had to be cancelled. This would have included the performance of a play written by the women attending the project. Plans however are in progress to deliver the work sometime in the future.

In the interim, a book entitled Spinning Tales. A Celebration of Worktown by 21st Century Women has been created. The book contains the script, a foreward by Professor Robert Snape, Director of Worktown Studies University of Bolton and some amazing photographs by Seamus Kelly. It is on sale at the moment and a copy can be found in Bolton Library when, of course, normal services are resumed as they say.

In Rochdale the poets of Rochdale have been busy responding to a workshop created by Robin Parker that asked ‘If Corona Virus was a person, what would you say to it? As might be envisaged there has been several answers to this question in very different styles of writing. To see the whole, please have a look at the Langley Writers, Touchstones, and word Weavers web site.

I don’t know of course, how things are going in your particular neighbourhood, but in Kirkholt it would appear that community spirit is alive and well. Last week a party was held, social separation of course, being observed at all times. Organised by Dave Prentice, there were several volunteer performers including Eddie Matrix, Peter Sarsfield, Paul Dillon and Robert Nell, fantastic exponents of the music of the sixties all. Proceeds from the event which were voluntary, to be donated to Springhill Hospice. I do hope everyone is keeping well. We can just about see the light at the end of tunnel now, so stay alert, keep safe, see you soon.

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