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EBOR Garden Party with Music and Art

EBOR Garden Party with Music and Art

By Steve Cooke

On our doorstep we can experience a multisensory extravaganza at Ebor’s Garden Party. With acoustic, electronic, experimental, live music plus an exhibition by Kara Lyons!

Among the performers is the wonder that is Sophie Cooper.

Sophie is a sound artist who Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival refer to as “A crucial member of Yorkshire’s far-reaching experimental music scene”. Sophie’s practice pivots around new presentations of acoustic instrumentation (primarily the trombone) with electronics, challenging conventions around composition, text placement and performance.

In addition to performing and composition, Sophie is heavily involved in the UK underground DIY scene promoting regular shows in Todmorden, West Yorkshire under the name Tor Bookings and is the founder of Tor Festival.

Not only that but also Natalie Sharp!

Lone Taxidermist is the utterly bizarre and otherworldly ruptured activity generated by Cumbrian musician, costume maker, skin decorator, performer, and natural provocateur Natalie Sharp.

An artist and curator at the forefront of what is described as “a new wave of underground musicians creating immersive worlds for their audiences.” Her practice presents live music in non-conventional settings, challenging existing frameworks and expectations.

£5 or pay what you can

Sat, 20 August 2022, 15:00 – 20:00

Ebor Studio, William Street, Littleborough OL15 8JP

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