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The Lowry, a theatre and gallery complex at Salford Quays, Salford, Greater Manchester is, of course, named after the early 20th-century painter L. S. Lowry. Known for his paintings of industrial scenes in North West England, one of which can be seen in Touchstones Gallery in Rochdale, prints of his atmospheric and evocative works can be found in many homes, public buildings, retail and entertainment venues.

The complex has celebrated its 20th birthday, having opened on 28 April 2000, with an official opening on 12 October 2000 by Queen Elizabeth II.

What you may not know is that The Lowry is a registered charity (No: 1053962) with a commitment to using visual and performing arts to enrich people’s lives. The charity very successfully presents audiences with a diverse programme of theatre, opera, musicals, dance, music, comedy and visual art as well as events and activities to expand the horizons of audiences and the creative community alike.

At the heart of their work is a commitment to local communities and young people. Tapping into the work on both stages and in galleries, The Lowry offers thousands of free creative participation opportunities each year. They exhibit a passion for nurturing talent, developing creative professionals of the future and raising aspirations.

As a not-for-profit organisation, and registered charity, all profit is ploughed back into this work. Whether you’ve bought a ticket to a performance, given an online donation, eaten in Pier Eight, bought a gift in the shop, or simply had a drink at the Tower Coffee Shop, you’ve helped support their charitable aims.

Unfortunately, The Lowry building is now closed until at least Wednesday, 2 December in line with national social distancing measures.

However, they have an excellent presence in the virtual world that is well worth checking out at

Digital art grew out of artists experimenting with different art forms such as photography, film, lighting, sound, projection, online media and now into digital technology.

It can best be summarised as: an artwork where digital technology is an integral part of the making or showing of that artwork – it would not be the same artwork if you removed the digital element.

The Lowry team want everyone try something new, and then try it again! 'Our digital programme is as varied as it is future-facing – you are guaranteed to experience something new every time.’

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