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Dave Twentyman has ADHD - a Comedy Special

By Steve Cooke

Dave Twentyman is a stand-up comic - being creative and impulsive is part of the job but completing day-to-day tasks has always been more of a challenge.

Dave explains, ‘I forget things all the time, important things, appointments. I am a bit of a shambles when it comes to finances- anything with paperwork I find it very overwhelming, and I've always been like this’.

Dave's partner suggested he get screened for ADHD after noticing he was struggling more during lockdown. He now takes medication on a daily basis which is helping his concentration and stabilising his moods.

Dave and Catherine got help from the ADHD Foundation in Liverpool - one of only two charities in the country to offer ADHD screening for people aged 16 to 60. They are experiencing unprecedented demand.

While ADHD is often seen as a childhood condition, there's been an increase in the number of adults being diagnosed. Around one in 20 adults are thought to have ADHD. If left untreated It can affect your work, education, and relationships.

Both Sue Perkins and Johnny Vegas has recently gone public with their own diagnoses.

We have the opportunity to catch Dave at the Coach House in Littlleborough in his Comedy Special Dave Twentyman has ADHD.

Dave very much wears his heart on his sleeve in a show described by audiences as brilliantly moving, heart-warming, honest but most importantly hilarious.

A truly engaging performance dedicated to those with ADHD, those who love someone with ADHD, and to those who just want to understand it more. Dave Show illustrates his quick wit, observations of life and his award winning sense of humour. This show will help you understand ADHD and neurodiversity acts are very funny and one’s not to be missed.

"One of the most gifted naturally funny comics on the circuit, Dave's unique storytelling will make this a brutally honest, and utterly hilarious show. You'll love this journey into the mind of a man who's trying to understand why he is, who he is." Tony Schumacher, writer of BBC1's hit show, The Responder.

"Dave's lived experience of ADHD is the source of his creativity and lightning quick humour. A hilarious and moving account of genius minds in a mundane world" ADHD Foundation.

Friday 03 February at 8pm

Littleborough Coach House, The Heritage Centre, Lodge Street, Littleborough OL15 9AE

Tickets £10 or £12 with a donation to ADHD Charity

Phone: Rick Attwood 07720 849866

To find out more about ADHD visit:

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