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Dave Twentyman has ADHD

Review by Steve Cooke

I recently had the wonderful experience of being in the audience for The Dave Twentyman ADHD show in Littleborough. This truly remarkable event was not only entertaining, with Dave's honest and witty delivery, but also educational and enlightening.

Dave provided valuable insight into the world of neurodiversity and the challenges faced by families coping with ADHD. It is much to his credit that Dave allowed his show to be held in aid of Home-start Rochdale/Bury, an organisation dedicated to supporting families in need.

The diverse audience was thoroughly engaged throughout the performance, and the volume of positive feedback from the attendees, gathered by show promoter Rick Attwood, speaks volumes about Dave's ability to connect with his audience.

Rick gave Special thanks go to Brian Gumbley Accounting and Sharon from Cherry Tree Cafe for their support, without whom the show would not have been possible.

Rick says

‘Overall, the Dave Twentyman ADHD show was an outstanding success and a must-see for anyone who enjoys stand-up comedy or has an interest in learning more about neurodiversity. Dave from Me & Mrs Jones comedy is one reason why you should buy a ticket when you see him on a line up for any event near you.’

Phone: Rick Attwood 07720849866


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