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Creative writing community responds to "If Covid were a person, what would you say to them?".

We will fight you in the hospitals

we will fight you in the testing centres

and in laboratories,

with vaccines

and antibiotics.

We will fight you in the streets

and isolate you in public places.

Make no mistake -

we will never surrender!

Lynn Lovell

Covid 19 you are misplaced

You were never meant for the human race

Dont you see

You may kill me

I will be gone without a trace

Fran Moir


Welcome to the show, take a seat, far off!

Didn’t think we’d get you, WHO ever did?

Take a sip of water, help with that cough,

Dispense with the mask, don’t want your face hid.

Now we’ve heard so much about your world tour,

Started in China last year by bats’ pee?

Were you spread by sharing a can of Coors

Or broadcast by networks owned by 5G?

You’re everywhere now, you’re killing ‘em dead.

We’ve witnessed your rise and rise in the charts.

Just as ubiquitous as Sheeran Ed

And like ol’ Ginger, you’ve broke lots of hearts.

Come on, admit, you’ve set the globe on fire

But now, for god’s sake, will you please retire?

Peter C. Fitton: 2020

Hey you......

So who invited you in,

You disgusting dangerous scum

You crash in here, with your stupid name,

And expect us to succumb

You targeted our old folk,

Cos that’s what cowards do

Our vulnerable and poorly

Who could be no match for you,

But what you weren’t aware of

When you caused our best to fall,

Is that we’re all in this together

You harm one, you harm us all,

So now we’ve got your measure,

Yes, we know the way you work,

And our scientists and doctors

Will soon hit you where it hurts.

I’m afraid your days are numbered

So you’d best be on your way,

Get off our little island

And I suggest you stay away.

For we have the brains, we have the skill,

We have the way, we have the will

So, sling yer hook, you won’t succeed

Cos, we have each other, and that’s all we need.

Linda Rowe

May 2020

Keep away! Keep away!

I’m not available today,

Or any day.

Can’t you see my mask?

It can protect me from people like you.

People like you are a like a virus,

Following me, kerb-crawling, encroaching.

You’re a killer, a murderer!

People like you make me ill.

I can’t even breathe because of you.

Yet you’re invisible, like a ghost,

Haunting me, taunting me, threatening me.

I could kill you!

And you could kill me,

But you won’t!

Val J Chapman

Episode IV – No Hope – Scene One

“Death Virus, only you could be so bold. HM Government are not stupid. When they hear you have attacked an exerciser...”

“Don’t act so surprised, you infector. You aren’t on any exercise mission this time. Several texts were sent to your mobile asking you to socialise. This is what happens to the plans they sent you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of a walking group committed to exercise two metres apart.”

“You are part of a social gathering and an infector. Take her to Intensive Care.”

©Robin Parker

The Wayward Mr C

Hello Mr C what are you doing here? Why aren’t you at that prat Prof Neil Ferguson’s who goes on TV to tell us all to stay in and ‘not got out or mix with others’ and then cavorts with his married lover Antonia Staats. The prat also presided over failed projections that we would have half a million deaths unless we obeyed him. And what’s his health like now? His model was flawed, nay riddled with holes, and the Royal Engineers and Logistics corps built huge field hospitals in nine days for 4000 beds and only every took 51 patients because we all (except ‘Lockdown Neil’) stayed at home and few of us bothered even to visit A&E. Hence the NHS could cope with the beds they had. And while you are at it why not stare at Mrs Staats as well. She and Prof Ferguson make an ugly enough couple. Only scare ‘em though, no nasty business.

PS You owe me 7 weeks and counting of missed social nearing and copious pints of goodly ale.

Signed, Angry of Royton

©Michael Higgins

Do you have a mission?

Tell me – your position

Are you trying to Eliminate,

Subjudicate, or just Illustrate.

Your power is awesome – are you pleased with that?

Got the whole world spinning, like a scalded cat.

Do you have a conscience? Or do you have to be

Exactly who you are – as I have to be like me.

Do you think that you can win? – is this some macabre game?

Or do you think you’re a lesson to a world that’s gone insane?

Is there anything I can thank you for? I’d like to – yes I’ve seen

People coming together, carers, shoppers, a loving team.

But the price has been too high, the loss has been too great

It’s time to call a halt, this lesson needs to wait.

Did you have to be so violent, so brutal, so unkind,

So savage in your discrimination? – attacking elderly, sick and blind.

You’ve proved your point – what was it anyway?

To put the world on hold - just until you had your say?

You’ve said it, we’ve heard you – we’ll remember and we’ll pray

That we build a different future - one where you won’t hold the sway.

Alyson Brailsford

You are Covid19

You wanted to see the world,

Make friends along the way.

Instead everyone runs from you,

Trying to keep you at bay.

You spread yourself out wide,

As generous as can be.

We all reacted with fear,

Even though you, we can not see.

You see you’re a killer,

Silent and deadly as can be.

You’ve infected lots of people,

On your unintentional murder spree.

Your leaving carnage in your wake,

We ask you please just go.

So the death toll will stop rising,

We want your spread to slow.

If you choose to stay,

We will have to inoculate you.

Then you’ll die away,

It’s what we have to do.

You came for adventure,

For friendship and more.

Yet you left us broken,

That we can’t ignore.

By Katie Haigh


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