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By Steve Cooke

An opportunity to see Shakespeare’s stories brought to life like never before as Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation presents the world’s largest youth drama festival at Contact Theatre.

It promises to be an exhilarating evening of live theatre, featuring a series of unique abridged Shakespeare productions by local schools.

31 JANUARY - 3 FEBRUARY 2022 Adult: £9.95 | Concessions: £8.00 | Group Discount rate: £7.00 for 20+

Contact, Oxford Rd, Manchester M15 6JA

Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation is a cultural education charity, transforming lives through the unique power of Shakespeare. This Festival marks their triumphant return to theatres, after an 18-month pause. These performances are the culmination of months of work in which young people of all ages and abilities have been finding their voice in school rehearsal rooms.

Shakespeare Schools Foundation is about to join the Coram Group of charities

Coram and Shakespeare Schools Foundation (SSF) have announced that SSF will be joining the Coram Group of charities on 1 April, to become Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation.

Founded in 2000, SSF works with hundreds of schools and thousands of young people across the country every year, giving them the opportunity to build their confidence and cultural capital through learning about and performing the works of William Shakespeare, and participating in the annual Shakespeare Schools Festival. SSF will continue this work programme as part of Coram.

SSF will move to the Coram campus, where it will work alongside other education charities committed to ensuring that children can develop the skills they need for life. Joining the Group will enable the pooling of resources, expertise, and support services to make a positive difference for more children.

Dr Carol Homden CBE, Coram CEO, said: “I am delighted to welcome Shakespeare Schools Foundation to the Coram Group. This move will further improve the life chances of the children we support, by bringing together Coram’s strong heritage in the arts with the creative strength of SSF. As the largest programme of its kind, this will contribute to realising our vision as a national centre of excellence for children.”

Ruth Brock, CEO of Shakespeare Schools Foundation, said: “We know that children who have a strong creative and artistic education become happier, more successful, more fulfilled citizens in a better society, and both charities believe all children should have this opportunity. We're ambitious to build the programmes and campaigns to accomplish this and are excited and energised for our joint future."

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