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By Steve Cooke

One of our beacons of creativity, Skylight Circus Arts, has been professionally delivering circus skills activities for 30 years.

Skylight has deservedly gained a country-wide reputation for providing quality circus training across communities and age groups from the fun to the professional. For 30 years, time and again, demonstrating how to ‘make people feel good through achievement’.

Skylight is based at St Chad’s Fold in Rochdale, from where the team run regular circus classes for all ages and abilities from juggling to trapeze, plate spinning to unicycling, including such as specialist circus and aerial swing sessions for people with disabilities.

They have also produced many exciting performances for the enjoyment of all, such as,

the never to be forgotten, ‘Generations’ and ‘Mr Kite’.

Skylight is an inspiring example of how Circus can be a great way to learn new and unique skills in a fun, friendly environment whilst improving coordination, fitness and strength.

We are invited to Skylight's Birthday Bash on Thursday 17 December 5 -7pm by visiting

From having a chance to custard pie Jim to a live performance from our Spotlight troupe, they have got lots of memories and giggles to share.

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