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At AATA we are firm believers in the tremendous contribution that the creative arts can make to building resistance to the challenges presented by mental health issues, especially in times of COVID-19.

An outstanding example of this is the work of potter Lissah Hall.

Back in the' not-so-rosy' past, being ‘potty’ was one of many euphemisms for poor mental health, Lissah demonstrates how this has been turned on its head in these [hopefully] more enlightened times.

Lissah has recommenced her pottery workshops with full Covid-19 security. In their own words her students give testimony to the vital contribution they are making to their resistance to the challenges we all face in these difficult times:

‘Lissah's pottery class has been a kind of therapy for me. Attending Lissah's relaxed and fun classes, meeting new people and tapping into my own and shared group creativity has had a hugely positive impact on my mental health and wellbeing.’ Andrea 47

‘I have been doing pottery with Lissah for two years. She is a patient and encouraging teacher which I needed especially on returning to classes after Corona virus lockdown when I felt like I had forgotten everything I’d learnt. I work in mental health services and corona virus was and is a challenge personally and for the people I work with. Pottery is the perfect antidote to pressure and stress. It is absorbing and creative and Lissah has the magical ability to guide people at all levels of ability to achieve their best in a safe, fun, and friendly environment. Lissah’s classes should be on prescription - they are most certainly an investment and I am pleased to say I am daring to call myself a potter!’ Judy (59)

‘Classes are a great way of meeting new people and making new friends in a fun and unpressurized environment. Over the last three years Lissah's class has been a little oasis of peace and serenity.’ From Angela

‘I love my pottery lessons. It’s a real antidote to all the hurry and chaos of life today.’ Natalie age 46

‘Pottery for me has given me an environment where not only can I use it as a creative outlet, I can chat about my week and have a banter with the rest of the class. Thank you Lissah for keeping me sane.’ Suzanne Kelly

‘As a recently retired Headteacher, School Adviser and National Leader Of Education, I am well placed to be able to evaluate and assess excellent practice. Given the outstanding levels of enjoyment and fun people express in her classes, it is understandable why people progress and achieve so well under her care and her tuition. Pottery is meaningful, fun and calming on the mind with Lissah’. Andy 56

Contact Lissah:

Mob 07807644630

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Jackie Cook
Jackie Cook
Oct 23, 2020

Lissah's pottery classes have been a fantastic way to meet new people and relax from all the covid restrictions, in a safe way, and explore a creative side I never knew I had. I have suffered really bad being isolated working from home and being on my own most of the time and cant wait for my weekly therapy at pottery. Cant thank Lissah and my fellow class members for bringing a bit of normality and fun back to my week.

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