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Updated: May 16, 2022

By Sarah Hall

[A big welcome to the newest addition to the AATA – VIBE family for broadcaster and arts correspondent Sarah Hall]

Intimate, immersive, challenging. Between Tiny Cities takes us on a journey of exploration through dance and sound, pushing the boundaries of expression with its mix of improvised and choreographed sequences.

Uniquely powerful in its blend of styles curated by internationally renowned hip-hop artist dance choreographer, Nick Power, its true strength lies in its relationship with the audience.

Spectators are asked to form a circle around the dancers and stand for the duration of the performance. Invited to become part of the dance by holding the space around it, a relationship begins.

At first apprehensive, uncomfortable even, we watch as dancers Erak Mith and Aaron Lim begin their duet. Strangers competing, taunting each other, turning to a courtship of sorts.

As the heat and energy in the room builds, so does the music with Jack Prest’s soundscape creating a synchronicity of thought and motion. An evolution takes place between the dancers and the audience. The circle reflecting both inwards and outwards

as the lights dim.

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