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Bernadette Jordan - an exciting new voice on the creative writing scene

Bernadette Jordan is an exciting new voice on the creative writing scene.

Writing for Bernie is a way of capturing fleeting thoughts and moments, so she pockets her pen and paper before she leaves the house.

Growing up in a large family then teaching in primary schools meant that stories and poetry were always part of her everyday life. When she became a carer she had more time for reflection and writing soon followed. Joining with other writers helped her to discover the joy and power of words.

Here we share two of her most recent poems

Noticing Autumn

Low morning sun skims across a tilting world.

Eye height light, sliced by tree branch shade

flashes strobe-like as I move.

Birch trees scatter a mottle of leaves,

paving the path with a patchwork pattern.

Like an open mouth with grass blade teeth,

the lawn prepares for a feast.

An orb web spider

perches head down in the gap

between a perishing rose bud and scruffy bush.

Twitching one stripy leg, clinging on

Web tight as the skin of a drum

is played by the wind.

Garden delight

Rain washed

Hand picked

Summer bounty.

Snap-the-stem rhubarb, umbrella folding leaves,

Pink silk skin makes ringlet curls.

Red raspberries, green gooseberries, black

Bursts of taste,

Strawberry seed explosion,

Grit between my teeth,

Blackbirds tut tutting, their stolen feast.

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