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Band on the Wall 2020, a fundraiser compilation

One of my favourite current downloads is ‘2020’, a Band on the Wall fundraiser compilation to provide financial support for Manchester artists. It is an aural delight, from the first track to the last, shining a brilliant light at the end of the long, dark, Covid-19 tunnel that traps the creative community.

2020 features music from some of Band on the Wall’s favourite artists and closest friends on the new Manchester scene. The Covid-19 pandemic has placed a colossal strain on the music industry. 2020 has been assembled with a vision of providing financial support for Manchester artists, with all proceeds split 50/50 with the artists.

Featuring hand-picked tracks, contributed by artists whose music spans neo-soul, jazz, afro-electronic and more, 2020 is an eclectic discovery of inspired and curated sounds: a shining light on the emerging stars of Manchester’s live music scene.

Gavin Sharp, CEO, Band on the Wall elaborates, "Band on the Wall is more than just a building, it is an idea and a passion for great music that is born from the diverse communities of Manchester and beyond; and an organisation designed to celebrate those who make music for the sake of making music rather than money or celebrity. In the first half of 2020 we, and many of the creators we work with, had to stop what we were doing and while activity initially stalled, it was clear that it would be impossible for the artists to stop creating and for us to stop celebrating their music. Therefore, the idea was born to help support our local creative partners and ourselves by producing this ‘memento’ of this incredibly strange year. Encapsulating this music on this disk reminiscent of this time, produced this year by young people who couldn’t stop making music if they tried, and despite not being allowed to perform in public, is our way of still saying thank you to them, and that we are all still here.”

The album is the first from a series of fundraiser compilations to be released on Band on the Wall’s new in-house imprint; Band on the Wall Recordings. The compilation is available on CD, digital download and as a special bundle with a commemorative t-shirt.

By purchasing a CD or bundle package, you are directly donating and supporting both Band on the Wall, and a collective of young Manchester artists during a time of urgent crisis in the music industry.


01 Honeyfeet x Werkha – You Go To My Head (rewerked)

02 Mali Hayes – Oceans ft LayFullstop

03 Secret Night Gang – Don’t Mess With My Heart

04 Agbeko – There is a Jungle (Live)

05 Porij – Closer

06 Lovescene – To The Side

07 Skeltr – Lojong

08 Contours – Northbound

09 Cervo – Reaching

10 Katbrownsugar ft Al Turnbull – Jungle

11 Yemi Bolatiwa – Troubled Living

12 Shunya – The Clay & The Sculpture

13 Lieko Quintet – Black Lake

14 MSC Big Band – Grown Ups (Live)

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