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Artist and Photographer John Cooke gives a fascinating insight into his art

I asked John what had inspired him to create his very distinctive works art.

‘I have always had an interest in photography, architecture and art, especially Expressionism and I have managed to merge all three in my work which I think of as a form of New Expressionism.’

How does he select the images he chooses to work with?

‘The majority of my work is of everyday buildings and scenes that people see and walk past every day without a second glance. I try and take a photograph from an angle that most people would not consider, to produce an image that is interesting and unusual. I hope that I can change people’s perceptions of what they see or more importantly what they don’t see!’

How does the process play out from seeing a potential image to the finished work?

‘Most of the work I produce starts with a high resolution photograph taken by me and the image is not cropped or edited in any way, the image you see is exactly what I see through the lens. I then use a special technique to add ultra thin layers of colours, each colour interacts with all the other colours that have already been laid down creating a fusion of tints and shades. I can’t always tell how an image will end up, some can only take a few hours, other days and some don’t even work at all. Once I am happy with the end result and print it, it is then very hard to tell if it has been produced digitally or has actually been painted and with my work it is a case of the “bigger the better”. Most people really think that my larger images are painted and not produced digitally.’

Contact – John Cooke

Tel: 07724 398640

Twitter - @RochdaleArtists

Instagram – rochdaleartists

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