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Previews, reviews, interviews, and recommendations celebrating creative arts and artists - an oasis of positivity supporting individual and community wellbeing.


 AATA would like to offer the opportunity to individuals and organisations across the creative arts community to:

·       Submit copy and images about an activity or event for inclusion in the column. This can be anything from bullet points to self-written previews and reviews of self-produced art or something inspiring heard, read or seen.

·       Invite AATA to undertake an interview, preview or review to celebrate and promote your creative arts activities and events.


AATA will provide full support and editing facilities in person or electronically.


Contact Steve Cooke:

Phone 07870951530

AATA is a local community group of volunteers that exists to celebrate the creative arts and creative artists for the purpose of encouraging engagement with and participation in the creative arts in support of individual and community wellbeing.


AATA writing community undertake interviews, previews and reviews providing an oasis of positivity and good news across a wide range of platforms.


AATA is edited and curated by lead writer Steve Cooke with contributors such as Seamus Kelly, Dr Joe Dawson, Eileen Earnshaw, Hilary Dawes, Steve Griffiths, Kirsty Rigg, and Katie Haigh.


AATA Column appears twice weekly in print in the Rochdale Observer and quarterly in Rochdale Style Magazine, digitally on and InYourArea, also across social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, X and Threads.


AATA column has a single purpose – to promote the creative arts for individual and community wellbeing through celebrating creativity in our local community and recommending creative arts activities and events locally and wider afield, activities and events that can inspire and provide enjoyment, that can encourage involvement and engagement across our whole diverse community.





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