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Manchester Independents Artist Adam Scott is a Hip Hop practitioner and performer, based around Manchester. His work combines elements of Hip Hop and Musical Theatre, telling stories with a mix of modern and traditional techniques.

'I began my journey in Hip Hop as a b-boy (break-boy), and have trained in breaking for over 10 years. I have been teaching workshops and classes in breaking for 5 years and in 2018, founded Break Dance Manchester, alongside crew member Namiuki. BDM was created as a means for us to give back to the community and teach the next generation of breaking practitioners. Our current goal is to support development of the breaking industry and creation of key infrastructure to allow the industries growth. Our open classes take place weekly in Gorton, Manchester, and in September 2021 we will be producing Rotation Dance Exchange as a UK breaking competition (been developed for the past few years).'

'I trained in musical theatre with the North West Theatre Arts Company (NWTAC), and have worked with the company as a professional performer for 6 years. As an independent performer, I have written and performed my own work across the UK and Europe, as part of Young Minds Matter (Lisbon 2017), the European Arts Forum (Belgium 2018), and more.'

Adam's Inspirations (Mentors) include:

'Breaking - Justin "Justroc" Lie (Floorgangz and Mighty Zulu Kings), and Ereson "Mouse" Catipon (Mighty Zulu Kings)

Writing - Lin Manuel Miranda, and Andrew "Testament" Brooks'

'I began breaking in 2010, to compete in the TruSkool Breaking Competition. With training from our mentor, b-boy Justroc, we placed 7th at the national finals in London, as New Generation Crew. Representing our school Wright Robinson College, and Manchester. As we were introduced to the breaking scene high-level dancers such as b-boy Mouse were people we looked to compete alongside. Now we work alongside Mouse regularly as a teacher under Break Dance Manchester.'

'I began writing poems and monologues as a hobby in my teens. In 2018, I was fortunate to play Usnavi in NWTACs production of 'In The Heights'. Written by Lin Manuel Miranda, this musical's combination of Hip Hop and musical theatre inspired me to develop my writing. Earlier this year I received mentorship from Testament, in the development of my current piece. His performance, Orpheus in the Record Shop, was incredible to watch and inspired me whilst writing Sunday Dinner.'

'Hip Hop started in the Bronx, 1973, as a means of community union and development. Breaking, DJing, Graffiti, MCing (rap), and knowledge. The combination of artistic communities led to inspiring the developing youth. Hip Hop grew in popularity, through the 80's putting rappers, b-boys, DJ's, and street artists in the spotlight. And Hip Hop certainly inspired my growth and development.'

What's Next for Adam?

'Sunday Dinner is a developing script that explores the narrative of a broken family. In the aftermath of an argument each character goes their separate way. As we follow each character, we see them question what binds their families together? The shared traumas and things left unsaid, that create the foundation of a broken family. Performances will be taking place on 26th September at HOME Theatre, as part of the Hip Hop symposium, and in October at Heaton Park. Tickets will be available through Break Dance Manchester and Elevate Young Minds' websites.'

'I hope to continue the development of Sunday Dinner exploring the narratives behind family, and community. I plan to write more Hip Hop theatre to champion the artistic side of breaking, alongside the Olympic recognition of breaking as a sport in the Paris 2024 games.'

'I look forward to my continued work with Break Dance Manchester, educating the next generation of b-boys and b-girls. With plans to develop infrastructure that supports the continued growth and recognition of breaking as an industry.'


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Instagram - @adam_ngc

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