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An epic kite-flying festival in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan

By Steve Cooke

Much loved and celebrated artist Bushra Sultana is currently working on an exciting, innovative new project, Fly With Me. Amongst many other projects Bushra was behind Radical Kindness, currently exhibited on Baillie Street in Rochdale Town Centre.

Since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, people everywhere are remembering and preserving Afghan culture through the simple, joyful act of kite flying. Together, this is the opportunity to commemorate an ancient art form which is once again under threat.

Brought to you from Good Chance Theatre (The creators of The Jungle, The Walk), Fly With Me invites you to make and fly Afghan kites in a celebration of Afghan culture spread across 20 locations in the UK and Europe.

The Manchester event will take place from 2 – 3pm on Saturday 20 August at Platt Fields Park, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6LA .

It is free to attend, and all communities are welcome to come along and take part.

Create Your Own Kite: instructions on how to make your own Afghan kite to fly on the day can be found on the Good Chance website:

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