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Alex Robinson and his mum Rachel inspire us all on Grayson Perry’s Art Club

As Grayson Perry recently stated in his excellent Art Club on Channel 4, ‘Creativity is a way of dealing with what is going on in your life.’

Many of us were left in tears during a recent episode when we saw vulnerable man, Alex Robinson and his mum Rachel showing off the fantasy clay models that he loves to make. Rachel explains her son is struggling during lockdown without routine and making his artwork and escaping into a fantasy world is keeping him happy.

The tears flowed after Grayson asked Alex if he could ‘borrow’ some of his figures for his upcoming lockdown exhibition.

We can all find our creative voice and use it every-day – it could be: writing, singing, painting, knitting, sculpting, drawing, potting, crocheting, crafting, designing, dancing, acting, photographing, filming, playing a musical instrument or whatever keeps your creative boat afloat.

When you have found your creative voice and feel ready find your audience by sharing what you create with whom ever you choose and in whatever way works for you.

As Anthony Gormley said in another Art Club episode, ‘Enter the world of creativity as a viewer or a maker – in the end we are all both’.

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