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Ace Lips Events: Comedy Show at the Old Court Room

PREVIEW By Steve Cooke

Another fantastic line up sees some of the very best on the circuit here in Rochdale.

MC is Graeme Rayner

Graeme started performing live comedy in November 2018. He sent a video of his first performance to David Baddiel, who said "If that's your first ever gig, you've got a future Graeme. I was going to say great future, but let's not be premature. Made me laugh out loud."

Since then Graeme has been performing at various venues around the country, and is steadily building a reputation, his progress slowed down only by a global pandemic.

He has shared a stage with well know comedians like Tez Ilyas, Alun Cochrane, Archie Kelly, Meryl O'Rourke, Scott Bennett and more.

Jonny Brook the award-winning Sit down, Stand Up!

Jonny, The happy face of dark humour who started bringing laughter to Yorkshire before sharing his talent further afield.

Brook is dry. Incredibly dry. You listen intently, and you’re never ready for the punchline. You can’t tell when it’s coming because of his delivery, but when it arrives it’s consistently a killer line. Every single time.

Crucial topics that he covers include love and poetry, a comparison to him and Lady Gaga, his parents’ divorce and sharing stories about living with legs that hate him.

Yorkshire comedy Awards - Breakthrough Act winner 2022

Melina Fiol

Melina Fiol made her start in comedy in 2021. Since then, she has been selected as part of the prestigious Leicester Comedy festival Circuit Breaker's showcase and performed in clubs across the country and sold out her first split bill at Women in Comedy Festival.

Her strong stage presence and confident vulnerability are making her a distinct new voice on the circuit. Recently, she was selected to perform at the inaugural "Femmes and Thems" night at Manchester's Frog and Bucket Comedy Club.

Ignacio Lopez returns to Rochdale.

Ignacio Lopez is an international Comedian who has been wowing audiences with his individual style and high gag-rate since 2010.

A crazy mixture of Welsh & Spanish Ignacio has become one of the most unique voices on the UK circuit. A frequent headliner and MC in top comedy clubs all over the UK.

During the pandemic Ignacio focused on putting more comedy content online,

streaming live comedy events, running a weekly quiz, teaching people how to make Sangría, sitting on his sofa for 18 hours a day and occasionally crying in the bath.

At last count (probably this morning) Ignacio's videos have received over 20 Million views in total across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. TikTok will not remove videos of Ignacio that other people have stolen and posted themselves.

Ignacio has provided tour support for Tom Stade and performed all over the globe including Spain, Germany, Norway, Greece, Turkey & Malta and has also racked up an impressive six solo hour shows.

Phone: Richard Attwood 07720 849866

Friday 30 June 2023 - Doors 7.45pm, start time 8.30pm

The Old Court Room, The Flying Horse, 37 Packer Street, Rochdale OL16 1NJ

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