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A Witch in Our Town

By Katie Haigh

A lovely little shop has appeared in Heywood, above HM Services at 56 Bridge Street - The Lancashire Wellness Witch and Monkey Town Clothing.

I went to meet Kimberley Goldie, the Lancashire Wellness Witch. Kim has a keen interest in witchcraft, she has been a sole practitioner, is a qualified holistic practitioner and a senior level three health care assistant for the NHS. She is keen to use these skills to help people.

Talking to people in the community she could see that there was an interest. Kim explains, “There are a lot of misconceptions about Witchcraft and paganism. I feel there isn’t any darkness to it, any more than there is in organized religions like Christianity and Buddhism. I don’t follow a specific Pagan or Wicca path. I just see myself as a witch. However, when some people come in the shop, they can be a little apprehensive, they want to see what goes on. I am welcoming and everyone has left with a smile and a better understanding. I just want to educate people”

One of the services Kim provides is a Wicca library where customers can come in and have a sit and a read. Kim has a wide range of products for sale, including crystals, ritual bath soaks, her own blends of herbal teas, cups, tea infusers, aromatherapy candles and homemade spell bags. She tries to offer such a big range to help others on their paths.

Kim also offers Ritual Workshops. “It’s a safe space to practice rituals together in a group and can be beneficial to letting go of bad energies. Participants also take home something they’ve made. For example, a moon bottle containing crystals and herbs.”

Kim adds “I really want to do these workshops to educate people, ritual can be a scary word because we’ve been taught by Hollywood that it involves goat sacrifices and things like that and that isn’t the case. A ritual can be something as simple as having your morning brew. We all partake in rituals without realizing.”

Kim also offers aromatherapy massage and spell casting workshops will also be available soon.

Also in the shop is Monkey town clothing offering a range of personalized t-shirts, jumpers and accessories, mostly with a witchy or gothic theme.

Instagram: the_lancashire_wellness_witch

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