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'19' project - a creative response to Covid-19.

‘19’ project is creative facilitator Parvez Qadir’s response to Covid-19.

It provides an opportunity for people of all ages from across Rochdale’s diverse communities to create a response around your life before lockdown, during lockdown or how you see the world when we leave lockdown.

Your response can be in any genre of the creative arts including such as music, art, poetry, theatre, short stories, design, crafts, filming, and photography.

Parvez Qadir is a creative facilitator who is passionate about working with people from different walks of life, helping them to unlock their unique voices by providing them with a platform to be heard. He has facilitated and produced many creative projects in live theatre, film, and animation with young people from diverse backgrounds, delivered in a variety of settings including theatres, schools, colleges and community groups.

The commission is to find 19 people from Rochdale borough (Central Rochdale, Heywood, Middleton and Pennines/Littleborough) to produce an archive digital document as a response to Covid_19.

Parvez is looking for a diverse group of people that reflect the cultural communities of Rochdale from the age of 10 -80yrs.

If you are interested phone 07595 433 099 or email

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